Buh-bye Hives

I had my IUD removed last week. I was experiencing hives just about daily which would get worse when I was spotting or having my period. I needed to have it removed to find out if it was the cause or not. I’ve already had no issues with hives since it’s removal, but there have been other issues.

I’m still somewhat itchy, but I was informed that my hormones would need to normalize before that would go away. My body has to adjust without hormones and get back to some kind of baseline. A friend recommended chasteberry which I’ve taken previously. It helped get my body back to regularity after it was messed up from taking birth control pills.

Heavy menstrual bleeding is apparently normal after removal. I already have a blood disorder where my blood is thin and takes a long time to clot. Normal clotting time is between 5-7 minutes. I usually run 9-10 minutes. I have to take iron supplements and I get anemia and bruising quite easily. It has brought on a lot of fatigue and this feeling of being unwell (which is kind of weird because I feel so much better since having the IUD taken out). There isn’t much I can do except to continue taking my vitamins, eating better, and recognizing when my body needs to rest.

I made steak for dinner because I felt like I needed it. I’ve been trying to have salad and greens daily, but sometimes it isn’t enough. I can tell when my iron level is low because of the white spots on my nails. I can also tell when I cook my steak bloody instead of well done. I hate any red on my steak under normal circumstances, except when my iron is low. I paired it with homemade mac n cheese for my daughter and a big salad.

The next issue I’m not even sure what to do about. My joints hurt. A lot. I was diagnosed with a positive rheumatoid factor and fibromyalgia, but I learned to manage the muscular pain. This joint pain started the day after the IUD was removed. I have read a few posts of people complaining of joint pain after removal of their IUDs so I’m hoping that this is only temporary. I have done well with balancing out what my body can take and I have been proud of myself for it. I’m just really confused by the pain.

I’m not working out at this point. I’m just trying to work on my eating habits and will gradually increase what I need as I begin walking and working out again. Patience is the key. I will get there.


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