Tracking Food Consumption

For me, tracking my food intake has been helpful far more than it has been a hindrance. I know its taught me a lot about portion control, but it’s also helped me to assess my eating habits. On days that I don’t track and try to play catch up at the end of the day, I often find that my calorie count is severely low. When I track as I go through my day, I tend to make wiser decisions and consume closer to the calorie count my body needs.

I’m not saying that everyone should track as I know it’s not for everyone. People live different lifestyles and what works for me may not work for someone else. I have personally found this tool to be something of validation through my journey to enhance my health.

As an example, I was off by 1,058 calories. Yes, that’s a lot. I didn’t eat that much portion-wise because I simply wasn’t hungry. Then I got in a workout. The first one I’ve done in a while. This added more calories that I needed to consume, thus hitting the 1,000 mark.

I need to go shopping and pick up more fruits and veggies, so I ended up consuming a fiber one cheese cake bar along with some chips and dip. 150+300+120…It still left me with a 300+ calorie deficit. I know these are not very healthy options, but I wasn’t about to cook a full meal at 11 PM. So, I enjoyed what I ate!

Sometimes it’s just not in my cards to track all day, but when I had been tracking for a while, I found if I was running low, it was usually about 200-400 calories. It’s another reason of why I need to do this again because it is an ongoing learning process.I don’t always have this definitive knowing of what my body needs exactly, so I’m going to keep tracking for a while and continue making better choices.


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