Free Items?

I’ve had this constant amount of stress over the past couple weeks. It only increased to the point of every day, my schedule is changed because there is some kind of emergency, someone going to the doctor, hospital, needing a ride, being sick, etc. It’s been incredible stressful and I just keep pushing myself through to the best of my ability and today was no different. Maybe that’s why something good happened? Unless the universe is just having a good laugh…

Once I returned home after a trip to the store, my daughter started going through the bags. She was so excited to have some Minnie Mouse items (presents for potty training). Then she pulled out a bag of red onions that I know I didn’t buy. She was ecstatic. She almost cried over the idea that I had bought purple onions for her. She’s on the spectrum and for a while the only food she would eat was raw onions and raw peppers… I kid you not. This kid has a thing for onions.

As she hugged her bag of onions, I rummaged through my purse to find my wallet. I wanted to check my receipt and make sure I didn’t pay for someone else’s merchandise. She opened another bag and there was a crest sensitive whitening kit and omnihealth slim stix. Granted, I feel like this is the universe’s way of having a good laugh.

I’ve tried whitening my teeth many times before, and aside from having a couple white spots on my front teeth, they are back to a slight yellow by the end of the day. This is with regular brushing with a whitening toothpaste twice a day, using whitening products and the like. The other kicker is the slim stix product. I was actually tempted to try something, but I had not figured out what that something would be. I just wanted something to give me a bit more energy (to help me push through this stress with my 4-5 hours of sleep each night), and help curb my appetite a bit since I’m an emotional eater.

I found my receipt and none of the additional items were listed. I don’t know who the items belonged to, because the person on the register was new and training, people and bags were being moved back and forth because of some mix up, our lane got closed behind us, another opened… It was a bit of a mess. The good thing is that I had all of the items I purchased, so I wasn’t missing anything from my receipt.

The store is closed and I am beyond tired.

I’m just not sure how to take it. Do I take this as a “sorry for all of the stress”, or more of a “haha, more stress and issues to deal with for you” sort of thing?

I just want good vibes. Sleep too. And good vibes.


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