How Do You Meal Plan?

My biggest issue is the inconsistency of a schedule on a daily basis. Things come up almost every day last minute, and when they don’t I putter about waiting for something to come because it happens so often. I never use to meal plan, but I would know and have food ready to be cooked every day whether it was in a crock pot, from scratch, or left overs. Now it feels like cooking is daunting and it’s always been something I enjoy doing. So how do you meal prep and where do you begin?!

I’ve read that consistency is the key. Picking a few recipes that the family will enjoy each week consistently. Meatloaf or meatless Mondays, taco Tuesdays, etc. I expect this also helps a lot with a food budget because you can still buy things ahead on sale and in bulk.

Pick a day to shop and prep and be consistent.

Pick recipes and make a grocery list using local flyers to calculate costs and mark sales. Get family involved so that each person gets a favored meal during the week.

Develop easy recipe for dinner on shopping/prep day.

Write meal plan on a calendar so that everyone knows what to expect.

Buy a calendar!

Label items in the fridge for the day and date to be used, for added convenience.

I’m hoping to start this a bit sooner and ease into it. I hope to start planning a full week at the beginning of May.

Does anyone have any tips, blogs or recipes to share?


4 thoughts on “How Do You Meal Plan?

  1. Always have 2 or 3 meals as your back up plan on nights you just cannot make the meal planned. Whether it is scrambled eggs, making for a pizza, or even a frozen meal just something to make quickly. I also double up on recipes to have leftovers in the freezer. Make a roast? Add extra meat to make hash or tacos. Make chicken? Cook extra to make a casserole. Helps get a head of the meals 😀

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  2. I absolutely hate cooking, so having back-up meals is essential for me. I always have canned goods on hand for when I forget to get something out – canned beans (black and garbanzo are my go to’s), rice, canned tomatoes and some chicken broth always save me for last minute meals. Also, I really like – she has great (and easy) recipes. Like koolaidmom, I buy whatever meat is on sale and cook extra,then use it in several meals during the week. Of course I’ll probably pick something up from the drive-thru tonight because of our schedule, so you see how often I fail. LOL – Best of luck to you!

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    • I had planned for hamburgers. I thawed the meat in the fridge overnight. It was 93% lean organic ground beef. I opened the package and it smelled like vinegar so I knew it was spoiled. I ended up grabbing a frozen steak and put it in a pan without thawing. It didn’t take long to cook thankfully and it was done before the oven fries were done. Having something as a backup is helpful. I personally love soup but the rest of my family isn’t always crazy about it. I wouldn’t mind making a pot on the weekend to use as a backup if everyone else would eat it!

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      • That’s the worst when the meat is bad! Glad you had a backup 🙂 I like soup too. Potato cheese soup is good in a pinch. Mmmmm…oven fries sounds good. If only they went with the spaghetti we’re having tonight. LOL


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