Where did my posts go?

I’ve been writing every few days or so and posting to wordpress.com through my cell phone. Unfortunately, they haven’t been uploading AND they haven’t been saved as drafts. It seems like I will have to take my writing efforts directly to my laptop in the future unless I am keeping my posts short.

The problem seems to be with the browser on my phone. I actually have to wait until it finishes uploading before I do anything else otherwise it cancels the whole thing. I’m still not sure why it wouldn’t save as a draft though. For instance, if I publish a post and it’s doing the uploading status, if I switch to a different tab to read, the post does not get published. Quite annoying really. I could see if I actually closed out of the app entirely, but I’m not. It’s still open on my iphone, but it effectively cancels the act of publishing a post and the post in it’s entirety. When I return to the screen, it’s back to the write a new post page, with nothing in the box and no title entered.

Now I have to remember everything I was writing about, which pictures I was trying to include, etc. What a bummer!


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