Weight a Minute?

My jawbone will no longer stay charged. The company is useless for repairs even though it’s covered, no one has responded in months. The only thing I can do now is return the item to walmart and get my money back. As an emotional eater, I really miss this tool. It helped me understand my body. I used it in conjunction with myfitnesspal to get under 200lbs. This week I hit 199.8.

I am on my third month of hormones and I wasn’t really gaining too much (just the bloating was insane) and my weight would return to normal. I realized that as long as I hit 10,000-12,000 steps a day, I could include some comfort foods as long as I didn’t binge and go crazy. Not knowing my steps makes it quite difficult. I am standing on my feet, but I know I’m not walking as much as I was. I haven’t had the time for walking or for food…. It’s pretty bad when you are rushing home to stuff your face and go to bed only to get up and be driving and running errands every single day. I’m pretty burnt out.

With so much emotional and physical stress, it’s a tool that I really need to help me stay accountable because I have a hard time tracking without real-time data. I’m honestly at a point of being so burnt out that I just don’t care if I’m shoving my face with food before bed and going to sleep because I didn’t have time to eat all day. Before I could eat take out, watch my steps, and be fine. The guilt is creeping back in though and it’s frustrating. I think it’s time to invest in a Fitbit at this point.

I recognize that there is all of this stuff going on though and what I need to do to help myself put things back in order. There are going to be times that I just don’t have time, so I need to be wise and find other ways to cope. Like writing about it here…

My laptop takes forever to load but I finally ordered a case for my computer parts so I can put my new desktop together! I honestly start out intending to write, since I had issues on my phone, but it takes so long that I’m already sleeping by the time it loads up. I’m sure I need to clean out space on it too which I will do once I have the new one set up.

So I need to get back to meal planning so that I can take breakfast and lunch with me. It would be nice to have dinner ready to go when I get home as well. I just want good things for so many people in my life right now. I just can’t keep it up with it all and really need to step back and work on me. It’s hard to remind myself that sometimes, but it’s true. I am an important and deserving person in my life that needs time as well!


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