ABA versus IEP

My daughter had an amendment adding an extended school year to her IEP. She really needs consistency and has a difficult time getting back into class after weekends and vacations. It makes it difficult for the school to meet success with her IEP goal even after scaling back the goals to better suit my daughter.
It’s hard to find a rhythm that suits her needs because they do change frequently. At home, we can more easily adapt. Academically, she learns things quick. If boredom sets in, she’s done. It’s her self regulation, primarily frustration, and her social skills that end up lacking. 

At home she loses out on much of the social skills with her peers. She doesn’t have siblings, but a cousin who is about a year older inconsistently connects. She prefers adult attention, which isn’t much different from my own upbringing as an only child. 

Things have been consistent as can be at home especially with ABA. We have charted so much progress with everything that we work on in the home setting. One of the biggest things has been the desire to show affection and the need to receive it. She used to push us away, say no, run off, etc. I grew up with a mother who was very attached and cuddly, so it was strange to not have that response in my own child. I think giving her some space allowed her time to understand the social aspects better.

At school we heard a lot about bad days, especially on the bus. She often gets sent to another room when she freaks out and they can’t calm her down. She has a lovie that was helping at school, but she was throwing it on the bus. Granted, the rule for the bus is to keep her items up front. So I want to say that is on them, but it also doesn’t give her the opportunity to learn to keep track of her own items in a suitable manner.

We may lose ABA if she gets assigned afternoon hours for the extended school year. They need to hire and train someone new and because the school hours would change come fall again, they would probably wait and start up with the fall schedule.

As a family we had to investigate the situation as this is new to all of us. We have to ask her teacher to request morning hours. We won’t know what hours she will get until about a week before the extended school year starts. We decided that if we get morning hours, we will keep both ESY and ABA. If we get afternoon hours, we will drop the extended school year and keep ABA.

ABA is consistent 5 days a week. Regular school is 150 minutes 4 days a week. ESY will go four weeks only for 150 minutes 3 days a week, then back to the 4 day schedule for regular school with afternoon hours come fall.

We realize it may continue to hinder her school progress, but it’s looking like she won’t hit her goals for this year. We have already mastered a number of items with ABA and continue to maintain and add more.


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